Linda Sutton, MD

Funded by the 2020 Victory Ride to Cure Cancer

Cancer is caused by changes that happen in the genes of cancer cells. Special tests can find genes that start or promote cancer growth. New drugs can target cancer causing genes and kill cancer cells. The Duke project team wants to increase awareness and use of both the special tests and the new drugs. The project will bring a group of experts together to talk about patient cases and help find the best medicine for patients. If medicines are not available, the project team can find clinical trial options for patients. The team will also provide training to doctors and nurses on new tests for cancer genes and medicines. We will create information to help patients learn about the special gene tests and how the results can help the doctors choose the right medicine to treat their cancer. When the project is finished, the team hopes to provide the information and tools created to other local doctor’s offices and patients.


Location: Duke Cancer Institute - North Carolina
Proposal: Advancing Cancer Care in the Rural Southeast: Enhancing Precision Medicine and Institutional Collaboration in Community Cancer Centers
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