Mario Suva, Ph.D.

Albert Wyrick Scholar

Gliomas are aggressive brain tumors. Gliomas are very heterogeneous, which is a big problem for treatment. Traditionally, researchers have profiled pieces of tumor with a lot of cells all mixed together, thus masking many information differences. To precisely define brain tumors, I propose to use single cell sequencing techniques directly in patient samples. My laboratory is a leader in these techniques and has shown the potential of these approaches in cancer. I thus propose to: (aim1) perform single cell analyses in brain tumors in adults and children. I also propose (aim2) to use our new data to identify novel ways to target specific programs in brain tumors. Our research will provide the community with a very detailed view of gliomas and suggest ways to improve the treatment of patients.

Location: Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center - Massachusetts
Proposal: Uncovering Single-Cell Regulatory Programs in Human Gliomas
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