Michael Haffner, MD, PhD

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Every patient’s tumor is different. However, a closer look into a given tumor shows another staggering level of complexity. Like a patchwork, every tumor is made up of individual tumor cells which can show very different behaviors. This diversity makes the diagnosis and treatment of cancers very challenging and is an important reason why some tumors are so difficult to treat. Here we want to shed light on the complex makeup of metastatic prostate cancer. We will study the composition of prostate cancers at the level of single cells. To do this, we will use cutting-edge tools to detect molecular changes in individual cancer cells. This will allow us to better understand how this diversity contributes to the aggressiveness of prostate cancer. Ultimately, our work will help us to provide more accurate and precise diagnoses and more effective treatments for patients with prostate cancer.  

Location: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center - Washington
Proposal: Deciphering tumor heterogeneity through deep molecular profiling in lethal prostate cancer
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