Moon Chen, Jr., PhD

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The overall goal of “Enhancing Lung Cancer Screening For Eligible Patients (ELFE) through human- centered intervention” is to increase the completion rates of lung cancer screening (LCS) among eligible patients. LCS is important because it can facilitate the detection of lung cancer at the earliest and most treatable stage before the cancer has spread. The goal of ELFE is two-fold: 1) interviewing patients who have completed lung cancer screening to better understand factors that served as barriers to or facilitators of LCS participation and 2) develop a clinical intervention incorporating the lessons discovered through the interviews. We will explore the use of a Pre-Visit Planner in which a licensed medical assistant will engage with patients alone or coupled with a web portal to identify patients who are eligible for LCS. ELFE is a collaboration that includes the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center, UC Davis Health, and Amazon Web Services to bring innovative research and tools to patients. Using a patient-centered intervention such as what we are proposing potentially could impact clinical practice thus, reducing the mortality associated with lung cancer.

Location: UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center - California
Proposal: Enhancing Lung Cancer Screening for Eligible Patients through human-centered intervention
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