Nausica Arnoult, PhD

Fighting cancer is like a game a chess: each treatment can be followed by the adaptation of the tumor. Our next move requires the development of a novel treatment strategy. This is however a difficult task.  

My research goal is to develop novel strategies to treat breast and ovarian cancers that are resistant to common drugs. Many breast and ovarian cancers are no longer capable to correctly repair DNA when it is broken. This Achille’s heel can be used to eliminate cancer cells without damaging healthy tissues. My research team has identified a novel protein that help repair DNA and that is essential in these cancers. Our goal is to develop a drug against this protein and to test if we can use it to kill certain cancers that became resistant to current treatments. 

Location: University of Colorado Cancer Center - Colorado
Proposal: Targeting alternative end-joining to kill HR-deficient cancer cells and overcome resistance to PARP inhibitors
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