Paulo Rodriguez, Ph.D. & Jose Conejo-Garcia, M.D., Ph.D.

Funded by 2019 Kay Yow Cancer Fund Final Four Research Award

Cancer in the ovaries is an aggressive and deadly disease with limited treatment choices. A crippled protective immune system is commonly found in patients with ovarian cancer and limits the effect of multiple treatments. We recently described a new therapy based on the transfer of immune T cells engineered to spot and kill ovarian cancer cells. These therapeutic cells are referred as FSH-CER T cells. Here, we propose a plan to boost the effects of FSH-CER T cells by promoting the growth of T cell subsets with a higher capacity to eliminate tumors. This will be done by the inhibition of key drivers of cellular stress. Thus, our data will set the basis for a therapy to efficiently treat ovarian cancer patients.

Location: Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute - Florida
Proposal: ER stress blunts development of tissue resident memory T cells and restricts efficacy of T cell immunotherapy in ovarian carcinoma
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