Peter Shaw, M.D.

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In the 1970’s, cancer in children and young adults was almost always fatal. To address this, pediatric cancer doctors across the United States joined forces to do research as a group so they could figure out the best way to treat the cancers in this population. Through over 40 years, these research studies (also called clinical trials) have enabled pediatric cancer doctors to raise the cure rates to nearly 90%. That still means 1 of 10 children with cancer will unfortunately die. Over the years research has shown that children that enroll on clinical trials may have better survival than those that do not, and only around 40% of children enroll on treatment studies. A major reason some families do not enroll their children is that they are not properly educated by the medical team. In addition, African-Americans and Hispanic patients enroll at lower rates than Caucasian patients for several reasons, an important one being education about what clinical trials are all about. This project will create bilingual educational materials to teach families and patients about research protocols and their purpose. They will be less intimidated and more willing to allow their children to have access to the most cutting edge therapies and other studies available. We hope that these materials will lead to increased clinical trial participation and consequently greater cure rates.

Location: All Children's Research Institute, Inc./Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital - Florida
Proposal: Improving Oncology Clinical Trial Enrollment in Children and Young Adults through Education
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