Sara St. George, Ph.D.

Funded in partnership with Miami Dolphins Foundation

Having an unhealthy weight increases one’s chance of getting cancer. It also increases the chance of dying in people who already have cancer. Keeping a healthy weight is important, especially for people from Hispanic and non-Hispanic black families who have a high chance of having an unhealthy weight. A program that helps cancer survivors lead their children and grandchildren in keeping a healthy weight may help them make their own health better and may also make their children’s and grandchildren’s health better. If the program uses smartphones and tablets, it may help connect family members who are different ages. The goal of this project is to develop and test a program that uses the Internet and mobile devices to help Hispanic and/or non-Hispanic black female cancer survivors lead their families in keeping a healthy weight. The first part of the project will develop the program by getting feedback from Hispanic and non-Hispanic black female cancer survivors. The second part of the project will test the program to determine if it is possible, well-liked, and shows improvements on the weight, physical activity, and diet of cancer survivors, their children, and grandchildren.

Location: University of Miami - Florida
Proposal: Formative Development and Feasibility of an Innovative Multigenerational eHealth Intervention for Overweight/Obese Female Cancer Survivors and their Families
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