Terry Badger, Ph.D., RN, PMHCNS-BC, FAAN

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The purpose of our study is to test psychosocial interventions to improve quality of life (QOL) (psychological, physical, social and spiritual well-being) for Latinas with breast cancer and their family members or friends who are helping them during their cancer journey. Latinas and their family members/friends often experience severe psychological distress during cancer treatment and this distress can negatively affect health and well-being. Participants in our study are assigned to either an 8-week supportive health education intervention or an 8-week telephone interpersonal counseling intervention. Both the health education and the counseling is provided over the telephone, and each person who participates in the study is called separately. Our trained health care workers call the women and their family members/friends at times that are convenient for them. Sessions are about 30 minutes on the phone each week for 8 weeks. Using the telephone to deliver this service removes many of the access barriers normally associated with counseling or health education. Participants can receive help in the privacy of their own homes over the telephone. In addition to participating in the 8 education or counseling sessions, we ask the women and their family members/friends to complete some questionnaires 4 times over the next 6 months to determine if the intervention was helpful to them. All study related materials, assessments and sessions are conducted in English or Spanish, depending on the person’s preference. At the end of our study, we also tell them about any other clinical trials that may be of interest.

Location: University of Arizona - Arizona
Proposal: Health Education and Counseling to Improve QOL for Latinas with Breast Cancer
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