Zachary Schug, Ph.D.

Funded by Hooters of America, LLC

The Schug laboratory is interested in understanding the way a cancer feeds itself in order to support its growth. The amounts and types of foods that cancers consume can be very different from the ones that our bodies normally use. For this reason, we believe that these differences can be used as new targeted treatment options for cancer patients. We have identified a specific food that is uniquely used by cancers to fuel their growth. Our goal is to create drugs that can block cancer’s ability to feed on this food. In addition, we are exploring the idea of combining this drug with other available treatments to improve patient survival. This research is important because it looks to block behaviors that are unique to cancer and therefore spares the body from harmful side effects. Furthermore, our results suggest that this food source is used by nearly all types of cancer. Because of this, we believe that our research is likely to make a major impact on the lives of many different cancer patients.

Location: The Wistar Institute - Pennsylvania
Proposal: Targeting tumor metabolism to improve precision medicine
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