Robin Roberts Thrivership Fund

The Robin Roberts Cancer Thrivership Fund supports research related to cancer survivorship and works to help turn survivors into thrivers.

There are currently 18.1 million cancer survivors in the U.S. New research initiatives are urgently needed to reduce long-term complications of cancer treatment.

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The V Foundation will support research spanning three areas related to cancer survivorship:

  1. Long-term effects of childhood cancer. People who have cancer during childhood face ongoing health issues that are often more serious and long-lasting than those faced by people who get cancer later in life. This research area focuses on understanding these chronic health conditions in hopes of devising new ways to prevent, detect and treat them.
  2. Immunotherapy and survivorshipImmunotherapies – which use a patient’s immune system to fight cancer – can have fewer adverse effects than chemotherapy. Research in this area will focus on ways to predict who is likely to benefit most from immunotherapy and determine how to minimize long term side effects in survivors.
  3. Data to discovery. Hundreds of research databases exist that contain millions of data points related to genes, cancer screening, clinical trials and life after cancer. A deeper exploration of these rich data sources could yield new discoveries about the factors that contribute to long-term effects of cancer and cancer treatments and improve survivors’ quality of life.


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