Jesse Nodora, Dr PH

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The reasons why cancer patients do or do not participate in cancer (clinical trials) research are complex. Often this is due to the lack of awareness of which studies are occurring by both the patient and their primary care clinicians.

Another very important reason is that patients, especially patients that do not speak English, are not invited to participate because the research team does not have non-English speakers or study materials in the patient’s language. We at the UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center (MCC) have the opportunity to better understand and address low clinical trials participation among our largest under-represented racial/ethnic group, Hispanics. Working with a multidisciplinary team of physicians and non-physician scientists we propose to inform key organizations in the South Bay of San Diego, a Hispanic-dense geographic area, about specific breast cancer clinical trials.

Further, we will assess the reasons (barriers) for study participation among Hispanic MCC breast cancer patients.  By focusing on minority breast cancer patients, the V Foundation funds complement and expand our emerging efforts to increase minority clinical trials enrollment (accrual) and related outreach and inform how to intervene with MCC patients, providers, and leadership. We are particularly interested in targeting Hispanic breast cancer patients because they are the largest minority group in San Diego and Imperial counties, the regions served by the MCC, and our accrual data show that this is the single group that remains under-represented in our therapeutic clinical trials.

Location: John and Rebecca Moores Cancer Center - California
Proposal: Increasing Minority Accrual in Breast Cancer Clinical Trials Through a Multidisciplinary Approach
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