Margaret von Mehren, M.D.

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Black Americans often do not take part in research. They also have more aggressive breast cancer and a higher death rate from breast cancer. Overall, clinical trials have led to better outcomes for patients with breast cancer. However, the lack of Black Americans in clinical trials may be one explanation for higher death rates because new treatments are not tested in their aggressive cancers. Our goal is to help the community learn more about the role of research in breast cancer, and the value of taking part in that research. We will work with trusted members of the Black American community through our partners and lay Community Ambassador (CA) program to plan three forums. At these forums, community members will be able to talk with our doctors, clinical research coordinators, and CAs to learn about breast cancer, clinical trials, and what it means to take part in research. The forums will focus on breast cancer research. They will include questions from a host as well as questions from the audience. This will allow for an open discussion about breast cancer research. The goal of the forums will be to raise participants’ knowledge about research, and increase their odds of taking part in research.

Location: Fox Chase Cancer Center - Pennsylvania
Proposal: Clinical Trials Literacy: A Community Approach to Breast Cancer Research
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