Team Science

Our V funded researchers and scientists. An all-star lineup for the future of cancer research, helping to accelerate victory over cancer and save lives

Big Ideas: Michael Shen, Ph.D.

Their name may sound like something out of a sci-fi novel, but…

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Making treatments more powerful—and more practical

For many people with cancer, receiving life-saving treatments such as chemotherapy requires…

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Big Ideas: Dr. Alan Friedman, M.D.

The V Foundation has awarded nearly $55 million in grants towards pediatric…

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Learning All We Can from Patients with Cancer

Immunotherapies, one of the newest and most promising types of cancer treatments,…

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Teammates reunited in a shared quest to improve cancer outcomes for all

Dwan and Donita are keenly aware that representation of diverse groups matters…

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Big Ideas: Jessica Blackburn, Ph.D.

What does a young woman from a small town in Kentucky fixing…

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Developing a Blood Test to Detect Residual Cancer

For many cancers, there is no way to tell who has been…

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Big Ideas: Pratiti Bandopadhayay, M.D., PH.D.

As the namesake of our pediatric cancer research fund Dick Vitale says,…

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Mapping out brain cancer

When a patient has had aggressive treatment for a brain tumor, another…

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The V Foundation Announces New Category of V Scholar Grant for Black/African American Researchers

Bristol Myers Squibb’s $1M Donation to Stuart Scott Memorial Cancer Research Fund…

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Canine companions could bring new insights into human cancer

Approximately 80,000 Americans are diagnosed with bladder cancer each year. Although new…

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Big Ideas: Robert Gatenby, M.D.

Rats are wreaking havoc on a farm, so the farmer brings in…

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