Financial Responsibility

Every. Single. Penny.

We are grateful for every donation to the V Foundation. From a 10-year-old boy collecting donations instead of birthday gifts, to the generous corporations and larger philanthropic donors, we cherish all of our supporters.

100% of direct donations to the V Foundation benefit cancer research and programs. This means every single penny of your donation goes to cancer research and not operating expenses.

The V Foundation still has expenses and fundraising costs, but they’re covered by an endowment fund. Your donations do not support the endowment fund unless you request it.

The V Foundation runs very efficiently. For every dollar raised, the V Foundation spends $0.05 on fundraising expenses (covered by the endowment). This is well below the nonprofit standard of spending no more than $0.35 on fundraising expenses for every dollar raised.

In 2019, we received our ninth consecutive 4-star designation from Charity Navigator, indicating the V Foundation is in the highest category of rated charities and in the top 3% of all charities evaluated.

Thank you for supporting the V Foundation, for believing in the power of cancer research and for giving generously to help save more lives.

Financial Statements and Additional Information

The V Foundation is committed to donors’ rights and transparency. That’s why we make our annual reports, tax forms and audit reports available to you.

Annual Reports

IRS Form 990

Audit Reports