Special Funds

The V Foundation funds research for many types of cancer. The projects range from the very origin of the cancer journey (like how cancer cells grow and move in the body) to treatment options (like clinical trials and drugs). Your dollars fund the best projects that are presented to the V Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Committee from NCI-accredited institutions. You can be sure that your donation is funding the best cancer research nationwide. Follow Your dollar and see how we do it.

In addition to general cancer research, you can see various areas below where the V Foundation has invested some of your contributions.

Stuart Scott Fund

The Stuart Scott Memorial Cancer Research Fund was established in memory of celebrated ESPN sportscaster Stuart Scott after he passed away on January 4, 2015.

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Robin Roberts Thrivership Fund

In honor of Robin Roberts, the V Foundation has established a grant in her name to support research related to cancer survivorship.

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Dick Vitale Fund for Pediatric Cancer

We have many champions spearheading research focused on pediatric cancer. Find out all the different initiatives helping children battling cancer.

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BRCA gene mutations are a promising area of research for scientists, and understanding the genetic mechanisms of these cancers could help those studying other cancers.

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Canine Oncology Research Consortium

Our pet dogs get cancer – lots of cancer. What if we could help them and help humans with cancer by finding cures more quickly?

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