The people who are game-changers and inspire us in the journey towards Victory Over Cancer ®

Lindsay Meszaros

Meet Lindsay Cancer treatment shrinks rare brain tumor in young teacher Imagine…

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Ryan Switzer

Meet Ryan Switzer Cutting-edge research helped Ryan beat colorectal cancer The call…

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Meet Huck Clinical trial for a canine brain tumor extends life and…

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Meaghan Nally

Meet Meaghan Meet Meaghan Nally, a professional soccer player who witnesses a…

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Tom Vibert

Meet Tom Vibert A clinical cancer trial saved this cyclist’s life Cancer…

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Tim Grimes

Meet Tim Grimes A “Don’t Ever Give Up” attitude allowed this sports…

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Melissa Hoff

Meet Melissa Hoff Cancer research saved mother and daughter  Melissa Hoff, a…

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Marla Milone

Meet Marla Milone Advancements in immunotherapy promote vivacious life  As a recent…

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Prem Aithal

Meet Prem Aithal Cancer activist raises awareness for survivor needs Prem Aithal…

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The Ayodele Family

Meet the Ayodele Family Without question, Ade Ayodele lived an exemplary life…

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April Bynum

Meet April April Bynum was training and expecting to run the TCS…

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Megan Gallis

Meet Megan At 41 years old, my beautiful mother, Gail, was diagnosed…

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