The V Foundation for Cancer Research Announces Podcast to Highlight Dedication to Victory Over Cancer®

The V Foundation for Cancer Research, a top-rated cancer research charity, announces the launch of its podcast, Voices for Victory, which brings an intimate and inspiring view of people dedicated to Victory Over Cancer®. Each episode highlights those who have been touched by cancer or who are leading cutting-edge cancer research.

“Cancer can have devastating consequences,” said Susan Braun, CEO of the V Foundation. “But there are also silver linings that propel us forward. Voices for Victory brings to light the many stories that remind us how personal cancer is, how hard it is and why there are reasons for hope.”

In his famous ESPY Awards speech, Jim Valvano said it’s important to focus on three things: where you started, where you’ve been and where you’re going. With each guest, Voices for Victory explores those three things as they relate to cancer or cancer research. Guests have included NFL star defensive lineman Cam Heyward from the Pittsburgh Steelers, V Foundation CEO Susan Braun, V-funded researcher Jamie Spangler, Ph.D., and most recently, NBA superstar Kevin Durant.

Heyward and Durant discuss how cancer has left a personal mark on their lives, each having lost a close family member. Heyward recounts stories of his father, Craig, from how he got his “Ironhead” nickname to what it was like to lose him at such a young age to cancer. Durant also discusses losing someone early in his life to the disease. Aunt Pearl, whom Durant has honored for many years, left an indelible mark on Durant after she passed away from breast cancer, years before he became a basketball star. Both athletes talk about how their losses shaped them in their personal and professional lives.

Braun and Spangler speak about cancer research – how they got involved, the advances made and the support needed to defeat it. Braun, affected by the loss of a loved one early in her career, focused her energy and attention on making sure cancer research had the support it needed. Spangler, with a background in engineering, decided to use her skills to approach the disease in a unique way. Each guest brings a new voice to the V Foundation’s efforts to stop cancer.

“This podcast will allow us to showcase all the different voices that come together to move us closer to Victory Over Cancer®,” said Mick McDonald, co-host of the show. “We’ll chat with researchers making waves with new treatments and prevention methods, survivors who share the highs and lows of their cancer journeys and those who’ve been motivated by losing a loved to one to use their platform to raise awareness and dollars for research. I’m delighted to be hosting the podcast and can’t wait to share more inspiring stories!”

Podcast episodes are released twice per month, and listeners can find new episodes at  in addition to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Overcast, Podomatic and Google Play.

The V Foundation has proudly awarded more than $250 million for cutting-edge cancer research. The V Foundation holds a 4-star (highest) rating from Charity Navigator, America’s largest evaluator of charities, and is among the top 3% of all charities evaluated. The V Foundation is a GuideStar platinum-rated charity.