Meet Ashleigh, Brekan and Caden

A month before Ashleigh and Brekan’s wedding in June 2014, Ashleigh was diagnosed with brain cancer. In lieu of their honeymoon, Ashleigh had surgery and started chemo and radiation.

After two years of good scans and with the blessing of their doctors, Ashleigh and Brekan were given approval to pursue their dream of having a family. In June 2017, they welcomed their son, Caden, whom they describe as their little miracle.

Ashleigh credits positive thought, prayer, a supportive network and the advancements in research for her stable state with her cancer and their greatest gift of all – their son.

“After being diagnosed five years ago with brain cancer, today, I can tell you that I’m living every day full of love and gratitude! Because of the progress made in cancer research within both Eastern and Western medicine practices, I’m stable! I approach every day with passion, reason, positivity and hope. I’ve got a son who is the light of our lives and watching him explore life has been the greatest gift of all. Without all the support, this miracle would not have been possible.” – Ashleigh

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