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Chris with Jeaneane and Jeaneane’s sister, Kristine as kids

April 14, 2019 was the 10th anniversary of when my cousin, Jeaneane Pavlicka, lost her battle to cancer. At the age of 16, brain cancer stole her life. It still doesn’t seem possible.

Jeaneane was a fighter. She was kind and funny. I was lucky to not only have her as a cousin but more importantly as a friend. And even though we lived many states away, we spent every Christmas and part of our summer together for 16 years.

Seeing what Jeaneane went through is something that I don’t wish on anyone, which is why I choose to donate to the V Foundation.

I have hope that one of the dollars that I donate will be the final dollar or even cent needed to fund that spark of innovative thinking that will end this awful, disgusting, evil disease.

I hope to be alive to see the day when the V Foundation funds the science that puts an end to cancer. I hope my uncle, my aunt, my cousins are alive to see that day. And I hope that the thousands of parents affected by childhood cancer see the day cancer is no more. I can’t think of anything else I’d want more.

Thank you to all who make this foundation possible. Jim Valvano would be extremely proud. Please, never give up. The end of cancer is near. – Chris Camaraza, V Foundation Supporter


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