Meet Eli


At seven years old, Eli was diagnosed with Stage IV brain cancer.

The prognosis was grim, and the statistics said he had a 20% chance to live. He underwent a 9-hour operation to remove a metastatic brain tumor. Initially following his surgery, Eli was unable to walk, talk or swallow. He was wheel-chair bound and barely able to speak or eat normal food.

He endured radiation, weeks of inpatient hospital stays, months of chemo and years of therapy. Advancements in cancer research saved Eli’s life. Now age 15, he relies on progress in research to continue his recovery and overcome health challenges unique to cancer survivors.

Eli has never given up and continues to have hope. His team of friends, family and community rallied around him throughout his treatment and still do today. Through perseverance, strength and the commitment of his care team, Eli continues to thrive. As a freshmen in high school, Eli is back to a different kind of team. He is a varsity letter winner for the unified track and field team.

Eli thrives because of advancements in cancer research.

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