100% of donations go directly to game-changing, pediatric cancer research funded by the V Foundation.

Game Changing Research That is Saving Lives, Like Harper’s!

Adam Shlien, Ph.D., Garron Family Cancer Centre at SickKids Toronto, is one of the game-changing researchers funded by the V Foundation. The research conducted by Adam and his team have discovered some childhood cancers have specific fingerprints. They have identified fingerprints that may help improve treatment regimens for patients on an individual basis. They hope their research will help reduce the effects of therapy for survivors of childhood cancer.

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This September, the V Foundation recognizes Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month. There are more than 15,000 children and adolescents diagnosed with cancer each year. With minimal federal funding, private funding provides critical support for pediatric research.

Through the Dick Vitale Fund for Pediatric Cancer, the V Foundation has awarded almost $66.7 million in pediatric cancer research grants nationwide. Our goal at the V Foundation is to fearlessly pursue Victory Over Cancer®.

85% of children with cancer are surviving 5 years or more in the U.S., a nearly 30% increase from the mid-1970s. While we still have a long way to go, we can see that there is victory in progress.

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