Lana Goodwin: Coast 2 Coast 4 Cancer Rider, Fundraiser, and Research Champion

For the 126+ Bristol Myers Squibb employees who will embark on the Coast 2 Coast 4 Cancer (C2C4C) ride, which celebrates its 10th year in September 2023, a new journey is about to begin.

The riders will cycle across the nation in nine teams from Cannon Beach, Oregon to Long Branch, New Jersey, covering nearly 3,000 miles over 27 days. Leading up to the big event, they will log hundreds of miles in training rides while fundraising for the V Foundation to support ground-breaking cancer research.

One participant who has left a lasting impact on the Coast 2 Coast 4 Cancer community is Lana Goodwin, last year’s top fundraiser. With her relentless spirit and a very personal passion for the cause, she raised over $35,000 for the V Foundation and serves as a powerful voice for cancer research.

Lana lost both her sister and father to cancer, and in July 2021, she also received a breast cancer diagnosis. Through each life-changing event, she continued to advocate for cancer research with the mission of changing outcomes for her own daughter and generations to come.

“It’s the future for our children,” said Goodwin. “How can we get early diagnostic tools? How can we get ahead of this so it’s not something that’s always overshadowing your life?”

While most riders begin with a $5,000 goal, Lana set an ambitious milestone from the beginning – raise $30,000 for cancer research.

“My goal became do-able when I said, ‘$30,000 is really only 300 people giving you $100’,” said Goodwin. She mapped out what it could look like if every person in her small county gave just five dollars, and then got to work on reaching her community, near and far.

“Nobody was safe from my asks,” she said. “I carried my donation materials in my purse walking down the grocery store aisle. My electrician. Everybody.”

Goodwin noted that a key component of successful fundraising is educating one’s community about the cause and the impact of their donations. “You’ve got to believe in your organization,” she said. “The V Foundation is doing amazing work, so you can be proud that you’re out there asking for money. If someone’s not aware of the organization, share the ESPYS award speech from Jim Valvano.”

Goodwin chose strategies that worked best for her network, but she knows that fundraising may look different for every person, whether it’s hosting a special event or raffling off a donated item. “If people could tailor their events for their community, it goes a long way. I want to help people brainstorm what they have available to them.”

No matter the strategy, Goodwin knows that when the riders, donors and community members unite as One Team for Victory Over Cancer, incredible things can happen.

“You don’t know which dollar is the one that funds the cure to cancer,” said Goodwin. “I would always remind people that it didn’t matter the amount that they gave me. It’s the multitude of many people donating that makes a difference. The V Foundation is looking for the best research out there. That’s the best way to invest in advancements.”

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