My Why: Drew Hall

In honor of the V Foundation’s 30th anniversary, we are excited to share stories of inspirational individuals dedicated to achieving Victory Over Cancer®. These stories are told by thrivers, caregivers, donors, partners and other members of the cancer-fighting community sharing in their own words. Join us in being inspired...

How has cancer impacted you?

“Cancer has impacted my life by how it has impacted my family. My mom and dad are both cancer survivors. It really hit me hard when my wife was diagnosed before the age of 30. I was scared I was going to lose my best friend and raise our two girls on my own. It impacted my mental health because I felt so helpless. No matter what I did I could not make doctor’s appointments happen quicker or make test results come back. It was always the waiting that was the hard part. The good news is that both my parents and my wife are doing great. Through that hard part of our life God used it to inspire me to write the book that helped us make the donation. We decided we wanted to give back, so we gave $1 of every book sold to the V foundation.”

What is your relation to the V Foundation? What made you share your story?

“I have shown Jim’s 1993 EPSYs speech to every one of my classes for as long as I have been teaching. I love the message of the foundation and what it stands for. I wanted to share the story for two reasons. The first to thank God for taking care of my family, and to give him the glory for everything. The second is to tell the world how much of a rockstar my wife is.  She worked a full-time job while raising our kids who were all under the age of 5 while going through cancer.”

Why is cancer research important to you?

“Research is important to me because we need a cure. This disease has impacted so many families.”

What does Victory Over Cancer® mean to you?

“It means one more day with my wife. One more chance to go to church together. One more day where my little girls have their mom. One more reason to praise God for his goodness and faithfulness.”

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