My Why: ODE the Bear

In honor of the V Foundation’s 30th anniversary, we are excited to share stories of inspirational individuals dedicated to achieving Victory Over Cancer®. These stories are thrivers, caregivers, donors, partners and other members of the cancer-fighting community sharing in their own words. Join us in being inspired...

How did you hear about the V Foundation and what is your involvement with the Foundation?

The Horn Funding Corp asked me to be their V Foundation Mascot!!! I get to bring Joy and Happiness to home buyers by sharing my love with them. In fact, I get to be the mascot so that clients of The Horn Funding Corp know that proceeds from their transaction are being donated to the V Foundation on their behalf to help in the Fight Against Cancer!

How has cancer impacted you?

It is my life mission to bring love to those who have been impacted. I love to give hugs to those who most need it and to show them that we care!

Why is cancer research important to you?

Cancer Research can help save lives. I was brought to this Earth to be in this fight. I am a tough bear, and like Coach Valvano, I don’t ever give up! Courtney & Joel at Horn Funding enlisted me to be an Extraordinary Teddy Bear even when I am just an Ordinary one. Cancer Research is how we fight this battle.

What does Victory Over Cancer® mean to you?

Victory Over Cancer would mean my life’s purpose has been fulfilled. I would be able to retire and just be loved on by all of those who have been in the fight with me.

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