The Siegel’s Ensure a Lasting Legacy

Thriver and Donors Committed to a Legacy of Doing Good

Steve and Nancy Siegel have been faithful V Foundation supporters for many years. Steve, a self-proclaimed sports nut, was first motivated by Jim’s 1993 ESPYS speech, but has continued to donate to the V Foundation because of his and Nancy’s belief in cancer research.

Steve’s belief in cancer research was reaffirmed when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer nine years ago. He went through 44 weeks of radiation and fortunately tolerated it well. He’s doing well, is cancer-free and continues to monitor his PSAs and other types of exams.

Now, the advancements in research from then to now continue to impress him.

“Following the V Foundation and nine years ago being diagnosed with prostate cancer kind of heightened it all,” Steve said. “Knock on wood, everything is great, but I just continue to be amazed.”

Steve and Nancy have been impacted by cancer in more than just his personal battle as many members of family and friends have been affected. They also witnessed the results of cancer research through Nancy’s dad’s battle against cancer. Because of advancing treatment options and monitoring, he lived for 15 years after diagnosis.

“So many good friends near and dear have been affected by it,” Steve said. “Some negative outcomes and some great outcomes. It’s just something we felt really strongly about.”

Steve and Nancy have pledged a planned gift to the V Foundation in the future to ensure their legacy sponsors even more revolutionary cancer research. They chose the V Foundation because they knew their legacy would be in good hands and trusted the V Foundation to be the best stewards of their dollars – to relentlessly pursue Victor Over Cancer®.

“We really wanted to make our mark and do some good with some of our money … The advancements that are happening are just great. Nancy and I, we have a lot of causes that we care about, but this is one that, because of my experience, is near and dear to us.”

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