Meet Lupe Dalluge

Dedicated wife and mother grateful for research and the gift of more time 

Lupe Dalluge was always diligent about her health, making it a priority to stay current on routine exams and mammograms. Having dense breast tissue, Lupe scheduled 3D mammograms every six months. But life was busy, and she missed a scan. Pulling the reminder card out of the mailbox, Lupe rushed to schedule an appointment. She soon learned she had stage 1 breast cancer.

While she felt fortunate that her cancer was caught at an early stage, Lupe immediately thought about her family, as they were preparing to adopt a 5-year-old girl. She prayed for enough time to see her daughter and teenage sons become independent and happy adults and enough time to help her husband gather strength to deal with her being gone.

Suddenly, life was surreal. Lupe knew she needed a plan and sought counsel from a nutritionist, wellness coach, cancer surgeon, plastic surgeon and a radiologist. With these specialists, she drew on cancer research to determine the best treatment path. Even though her cancer was not genetic, Lupe opted for a double mastectomy to make sure the disease didn’t return in her other breast. In addition, she declined radiation therapy to avoid potential adverse long-term implications.

Leaning on decades of research to decide on a treatment to save my life gave me peace of mind. The knowledge to possibly save one more life is totally worth the investment in science.


After five grueling surgeries with several complications, Lupe defeated cancer. She continues to take hormone therapy and experiences the side effects of hair loss, exhaustion and more. But despite it all, Lupe said she feels she is at her best today because she’s faced the worst.

“After cancer, I no longer take life for granted. I am not afraid to ask for help and do not hesitate to tell someone I love them. I changed the job I liked for the one I love. I take more chances. Cancer beautifully changed me! The most valuable lesson I learned is to be compassionate with myself. I no longer beat myself up for not cleaning, cooking or being the perfect mom and wife.”

Thanks to advancements in cancer research, Lupe is creating new memories with her family and friends and is eternally grateful to receive the gift of more time.


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